Hemp Supplements for Hip & Joint Dog, Reillys Hempvet 30 Count

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Customer Reviews

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Michael McDowell
I'm a skeptic but...

I ordered this fully prepared to be disappointed but was so thankful for what we found.After about a week we noticed a significant improvement in his comfort/ease of movement.

Helen Lane
Excellent product.

It is the best thing I ever did. After a couple of weeks I noticed a big difference.

N. Kirby
Best Find Ever!!!

this stuff actually works. I'm shocked. I figured I had nothing to lose. I gave him one at suppertime the day they arrived. Miracle of miracles, he ate it, no hesitation. Jake is doing great! He's a little stiff first thing in the morning but he's back to his normal activities, he's energetic and I can tell from the bounce in his step and the fact that his tail is wagging that he's experiencing significant pain relief.

S. Jones
Such a WONDERFUL find

Work great on my dog

Richard Ingram
Seems to work

Old dog had a sudden attack, and was having a hard time getting up & down. It may or may not help, with his condition, it's hard to tell, but I feel it's worth doing for him, and he does get up and down on his own now.