KONG - Classic Dog Toy, 1 Pack

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T. Smith
Kongs are THE BEST

I purchased this for Baz who is a dog, but not as we know it. Baz is a bully and a complete b’strd but since I’ve been giving him Kongs, my life is now worth living again. If your dog is ruining your life, just buy a couple of these and follow the instructions above. You’ll be glad you did.

Amy Ross
Excellent... but owners should always supervise

My 11 year old boy is obsessed with this thing. One word of caution however, that I only heard about long after my dog became addicted, is that some dogs' tongues may get stuck inside the toy leading to asphyxiation. Be aware that the little hole in one end may become blocked with food and needs to be washed carefully and regularly. Make sure it remains free and clear thus allowing air to go in and out which should prevent this vacuum tongue-hazard.

Sandra J.
Everlasting and ever loved

The KONG is the go to for keeping dogs occupied with their treats. These work well with any kind of treats as long as they fit inside.

My dog likes it

Lots of fun with this kong. Gives us some peace and quiet... A lovely treat when my dog has been a good boy which also stimulates his brain into how to get to his yummy goodies inside

A. Powell
Great all round

A stuffed Kong can prevent so many behavioral issues like destructive chewing or excessive vocalization from boredom or anxiety. Also, Kongs are without a doubt the most durable toy on the market. They last ages and ages. I recommend them to everybody with a dog.